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Adopting Vue.js for Angular Geeks

In the past decade, Javascript frameworks and libraries have taken the tech world by storm. AngularJS, (Knockout + Durandal + RequireJS), Angular, React, Vue, etc are some of the frameworks which were either widely used in the past or are currently widely used. There are many supporting libraries such as loadash,etc., which support these frameworks […]

Research as a Service (RaaS) – Applications and Use Cases for Startups and Midsized ISVs (SMBs)

I had initially thought of writing this article in series, after my earlier one on fundamentals of RaaS and how Nitor Infotech pioneered this concept. But I held on to gather initial reactions and inputs from our customers. I believe that this was the right thing to do because I did get good inputs to articulate my […]

Simplifying the Code: Meta-Programming in Python

A short tutorial about streamlining your code with Decorators and Meta-classes Meta-programming in Python is a tough, albeit interesting, nut to crack.  This article is a guide for those who want to learn about two crucial features of meta-programming – decorators and meta classes. What Is Meta-Programming? In short, meta-programming is the act of writing […]

Research as a Service, a pioneering concept for the Digital World

Research as a Service (RaaS) is an important concept gaining traction in today’s age of increasing flexibility and scalability in software development. The inspiration was driven from the fact that many businesses have now moved from selling products to product as a service. Nitor launched the radical concept of Research as a Service (RaaS) during […]