Futuristic Technologies

Research as a Service, a pioneering concept for the Digital World

Research as a Service (RaaS) is an important concept gaining traction in today’s age of increasing flexibility and scalability in software development. The inspiration was driven from the fact that many businesses have now moved from selling products to product as a service. Nitor launched the radical concept of Research as a Service (RaaS) during […]

Visual Search – Understand your Customers Real-time with AI

Introduction: What is Visual Search? They say we are visual creatures and that- visual things stay put while sound fades away. That is something we experience on a day-to-day basis.

Application Modernization – Bring New Life to Legacy Systems

Some things get better with the age, or increase in value over time. With IT systems, however, it is the other way.

Offline Face Recognition & Comparison for the Insurance domain using FaceNet

The insurance industry is estimated as most competitive but a less predictable domain.