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Associate Vice President- Delivery

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Abhijeet brings more than 21 years of diverse technological experience in the software development industry. He has worked for outsourced product development companies for a major duration of his career, and for product development companies as well. Abhijeet epitomizes engineering management with his in-depth knowledge of the full-stack technology landscape, coupled with domain experience. He carries immense experience in managing delivery units comprising of 200+ domain and technology members. Abhijeet has led technical teams for delivering value driven deliverables to several key customers (specializing in product development as well as enterprises) around the globe. He has managed projects in domains of healthcare, BFSI, media, manufacturing, oil & gas, telecom, mobility, networking, embedded systems, virtualization, storage, and retail. He has managed accounts with technologies in Microsoft, Open Source, Business Intelligence, Mobility, Cloud, DevOps, automation, CRM etc. Abhijeet is naturally inquisitive and detail-oriented. His skills include rapid turnaround time and clarity in thoughts/actions. He has taken up physical and mental well-being as a key navigator for his leadership journey. His interests outside of work include philanthropy and astronomy.

A five-fold process to lay the foundation for customer satisfaction

Achieving customer satisfaction is the end goal of all businesses- both big and small. However, customer satisfaction doesn’t only stem from good quality products and services, it is rooted in something much deeper – core principles that dictate the way a particular product was ideated to how it was delivered. In my last blog, I […]

How to achieve continued customer satisfaction with a product engineering mindset

We, at Nitor Infotech, recently did a poll on LinkedIn and we asked for the most crucial factor to achieve continued customer satisfaction. 75 % people felt that delivery excellence, product engineering mindset, and customer empathy are all equally important for achieving customer satisfaction. All of the above (AOTA) is the correct answer, if you […]