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Abhishek Tanwade is an Associate Architect – BI at Nitor Infotech with over 6 years of experience as an AWS Solution Architect (associate certified professional). In his 12 years long career, Abhishek has spearheaded different Data Engineering & Analytics projects thereby gaining experience on various proprietary technologies. He is a distinguished Data Consolidation Patterns expert having knowledge about various Data leveraging technologies. He is a techno-synergist equipped with a strong sense of how Relational Databases work. His experience in visualization tools like Power BI, QlikView, and AWS Quicksight sets him apart. His horizon of expertise expands to enabling Cloud-based ETL services such as AWS glue, Data Pipeline, and Azure Data Factory. Abhishek’s team members vouch that his ever-smiling nature makes for a happier and positive work atmosphere. His personality and great business acumen help them to stay focused and motivates them to aim higher.

Your All-In-One Guide to Ensuring MariaDB High Availability & Failover

When an application connected to a primary server grows over time, making relevant scaling a necessity since the primary node no longer remains viable. Also, if the node has any issues such as hardware malfunctioning, restoring data from the backup becomes a hassle. Ensuring high availability and automated failover is the best way to overcome […]

Why should you move to Cloud for Data Warehousing?

So far technology has been taking us for a spin, we have been drowning under that mass called data, if that is not enough Big Data keeps pulling us 5 ways (volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value). Not painting a great picture am I, but then a host of Data engineers, Data Scientists, and infrastructure […]