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Akshay is an energetic professional with 8+ Years of IT Experience and strong technical skills. * Microsoft Certified Professional, work experience in all phases of Product/Project Life cycle. * Learner, Coder, Blogger, Mentor * Have interest in Azure | Angular | Microsoft Bot Framework | SharePoint.

Everyone is speaking GraphQL, What is GraphQL?

That nagging question, that doesn’t allow you to rest till you put pen to paper – or in this case – keys to MS Word. I have been asked this very question multiple number of times, and I thought it was best to put it out there for all to know. Let me start by […]

Offline Face Detection & Comparison for the Insurance domain using FaceNet

The insurance industry is estimated as most competitive but a less predictable domain. Insurance policies safeguard against uncertainties and hence are more prone to risks. Therefore, it has always been dependent on statistics. Certainly, the insurance companies have been benefited from data science applications. One of the most interesting use case we came across is […]

Demystifying usage of AI and ML with Azure Server-less

As I made my way into the city of Mumbai, I started realizing that it is actually happening, the big day you have been waiting for so anxiously is finally here. It was an honour to deliver a session at 2019 Azure AI tour in Mumbai. I was invited as a speaker and held a […]