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Anup is an accomplished Tech-Functional Manager with 13+ years of experience and proven expertise in software design, development and testing on various technology platforms and business domains.

A One Stop Solution to Deploying Office Add-Ins

What’s a set of common office tools that almost all of us have used at one point or another? Before you go scratching your head in search for answers, allow me to tell you. It’s the ever-so-helpful Microsoft Office Suite. Now, we’re are all aware of the macros that are available in tools like Microsoft […]

How to Empower ‘Continuous Testing’ with Puppeteer

When it comes to automation, Selenium is the only tool in the open source space, which relies on executing JavaScript inside the browser. It has largely helped companies achieve good coverage of automation. However, in a large number of cases, there are concerns due to its flakiness, synchronization, and speed. This is now changing with […]