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As much as I am into data manipulation, it is the analysis of data that really gets me going. I have strong work experience with real time streaming applications using tools like Spark Streaming, Kafka, Flume and Flafka. I take pride in my ability to make data accessible to both executive decision-makers and frontline sales staff. Proficient IT Professional with 6+ years of corporate industry experience, holds Big Data Hadoop fundamentals IBM badge, Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals badge and Microsoft Certified Azure Data Fundamentals badge. I have extensive knowledge of multiple applications and languages along with top-notch technical abilities. My excellent verbal and written communication skills allow me to effectively write reports and present the information in a clear and concise manner. Tech Geek. Professional Cloud Practitioner. Certified Microsoft Professional. Explorer. Extreme reader. Problem solver.

MongoDB to Redshift- Data Migration

We will cover various approaches used to perform data migration from MongoDB to Redshift in this article. A Brief Overview of MongoDB and Redshift MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database which stores data in JSON format using a document-oriented data model. Data fields can vary by document. MongoDB isn’t associated with any specific data […]