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Harshali Chandgadkar, a Digital Marketing Executive at Nitor Infotech is a vivid nature lover. She is a creative person and an avid reader who believes that reading is dreaming with open eyes. Her favourite past time is to research on various topics under gender equality and climate change. Music is her forever companion, and she is fond of following her passion in the fields of sustainable development. Harshali also has deep connections with kids and loves having them around.

The Three Tech Enablers of Cloud Continuum

While many deep tech-powerhouses have been able to create a portmanteau of physical and digital experiences not all businesses have the right technology enablers to do the same. It is essential for a business to have such tech enablers in place for a smooth leap over the hurdles in a digitally transforming and expanding era. […]

Native v/s Hybrid Mobile App Development: Decide what is Best for your Business

In the age of a technology-lead world where apps have become omnipresent and everyone is going digital, creating an application for your business is something which every business must consider. But how is it that you should go about building an app? Starting from Custom Mobile App Development to Hybrid Mobile App Development, there are […]