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Kaustubh is a Healthcare IT professional with 8+ years of experience in business analysis and healthcare IT consulting. He has worked in different functional areas like Population health management, claims management, revenue cycle management and hospice/ home health IT, patient engagement. He has worked with multiple healthcare and insurance customers to identify the gaps in their healthcare IT roadmap and work with product owners for betterment of IT systems. His core interest area is to build and market innovative healthcare IT products, that improves health outcomes and enhance the access of care.

How to get your clients to say Yes to go beyond Population Health Management 2.0

Lower spending, Better care, Richer rewards The physical weight of data is about 1 attogram, that is as miniscule as it can get, but the weight that it carries to enhance patient experience is far bigger. As far as the healthcare industry is concerned, a lot of effort was put into digitization- the whole charade […]

International Nurses Day: Thanking those who care most

Every year, the 12th of May, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, is celebrated as International Nurses Day. Did you pause to think about the role and the positive contribution nurses make to our society by helping all those around them? Yesterday we observed a day for those heroes who relentlessly work for humanity. I was […]

AI and ML: The Next big leap towards innovative patient pro-active participation

In the year 1955, the computer scientist ‘John McCarthy’ coined the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’. From 1955 to 2005 computer scientist mostly used ‘Artificial Intelligence’ for research purpose. Additionally, they also checked if AI could be implemented across different industries. In the year 2011, Apple introduced ‘Siri’ into the market and quickly the whole world started […]

Top Healthcare technology advances for 2018

In  2017, the new U.S. Presidency pushed industries to follow the ‘wait-and-watch’ approach. Unlike other factors…