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Why it’s time to prioritize a futuristic, patient-centered Healthcare ecosystem

Co-Authors Dr. Ravi Agrawal Senior Lead Business Analyst Dr. Girish Shinde Healthcare Specialist As a healthcare organization, patients always need to be your top priority, so you find ways to use technology to avoid unpleasant things like patient leakages, no-shows and improve patient retention to the best of your ability. Patient Experience, I‘d say is […]

DevOps Explained, A comprehensive introduction to DevOps

Earlier, agile software development methodology was the main philosophy when it came to developing and delivering products. However, there seemed to be a gap when it came to delivering working software to the market at the speed promised by the agile methodology. DevOps, which has become somewhat of a buzzword in the realm of software, […]

Healthcare Analytics Simplified: It is no more Build vs Buy, but Build and Buy

Co-Authors Dr. Ravi Agrawal Senior Lead Business Analyst Dr. Girish Shinde Healthcare Specialist An analytics solution for the healthcare industry today is expected to incorporate extensive industry knowledge with deep tech-domain expertise to provide actual business value. Dr. Ravi has specialized in medicine and has leveraged his core clinical values in Healthcare IT for the […]

Managing Business Transformation in the VUCA World

The last year or so, amidst the gloom of the pandemic, has shown how businesses are in need to adapt to the frivolous changes it demands. The cycle of market demand and supply has been greatly affected, but moreover, a state of flux has been created by this pandemic which is eagerly pushing the business […]

Why Software Product Engineering is your Ticket to Scale

It is imperative for businesses today to know that in the era of innovation and technology, traditional business policies will not avail a success-oriented result. You have to be well versed with the latest trends and embrace advanced technologies to scale new heights. As an organization you may be in one of the following circumstances: […]

Real Time Analytics Using Spark With Cosmos DB Connector

How can you integrate Spark & Cosmos DB? This blog helps you understand how Spark and Cosmos DB can be integrated allowing Spark to fully take advantage of Cosmos DB to run real-time analytics directly on petabytes of operational data! High-Level Architecture With the Spark Connector for Azure Cosmos DB, data is run in parallel […]

MongoDB to Redshift- Data Migration

We will cover various approaches used to perform data migration from MongoDB to Redshift in this article. A Brief Overview of MongoDB and Redshift MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database which stores data in JSON format using a document-oriented data model. Data fields can vary by document. MongoDB isn’t associated with any specific data […]

5 reasons why Inventory Management is what you need right now

How to stay on top of your Inventory? Have you heard the saying ‘Don’t count the chickens before they hatch’? If you ask me that person never knew anything about managing his inventory. It is really important to keep count of the things you have, what you think you need, and what you might actually […]

How to utilize the power of Big Data in Manufacturing

Transforming manufacturing with Big Data and Data Engineering As part of the manufacturing industry, everyone you seek a solution from always has two questions: What is it that you are battling? (Well, simply put it could be that your operational efficiency has taken a hit, or your products seem to be getting returned often, or […]