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Parija, a Senior Marcom Executive at Nitor Infotech is a writing enthusiast, doodler, and loves to bring creativity in every kind of work she does. She trusts the power of manifestation and believes in karma- “what goes around comes around”. Never restricted by language, songs are her mood changer. She wants to explore the world by keeping one memory from each corner- a long bucket list to go!

4 Pillars of Cloud Computing

Moving to the cloud has become a vital process for businesses today. Cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud migration, etc. makes it seem like everything is surrounded by “the cloud”. But what exactly is the cloud? With this blog, let’s understand the concept of cloud, cloud computing, and its four important pillars in depth. Defining the […]

Diving into The Ocean of Big Data & Analytics

Today, the universe of data is continuously expanding at a speed that is much more than expected. At the start of 2020, the amount of data generated was estimated to be a little over 44 zettabytes! I’m sure it has well surpassed these numbers today. This data is immensely complex and exists in the form […]

Getting started with Microservices

Picture this- your enterprise is building a brand new web or mobile application. What is one of the first things on your checklist that you need to get done with? It is naturally architecting its back-end. The conventional approach of building the backend of an application was a monolithic one. Historically, (mind you, in terms […]

5 Top-Tier Big Data Engineering Services

Store, organize and process your data efficiently In today’s age with numerous companies opting for digital transformation are producing unimaginable volumes of new types of data. To pursue their journey towards digitalization, they deployed costly enterprise data warehouses along with data marts to store, process, and analyse it. This certainly brought them some success, but, […]

Visual Search: Empowering digital growth & opportunities in retail

According to human psychology, people are extremely visual beings. They have the ability to grasp more than 80% of the information visually. This prompts me to point out the importance of visual search. As you know, visual search has been around for several years and is built into several popular search engines and social media […]

How to transform your business with Workflow Automation

The business environment is persistently confronting VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) effects and its impacts are visible on organizations. With no choice, they  are compelled to adjust to this change to contend and survive in the universe of unknowns. To conquer in this dynamic business environment, organizations must standardize and define their processes and […]