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Proficient in Microsoft related frontend and backend technologies, Expertise in design and development on Microsoft Azure Cloud Proficiency in design and implementation of SharePoint apps, .NET and .NET Core solutions and Web related technology. Hands-on experience of working on Angular 1.x, Angular 2+ and React. Worked on multiple backend technologies like MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, has basic knowledge of GoLang programming. An expert in the use of Blockchain technologies like Ethereum, Quorum and creation of smart contracts (ERC20 tokens).

Starter Kit for Angular Geeks

Some say developing  Angular Material projects is all about wash-rinse-repeat (create àimport à authenticate àconfigure àexport), that’s why you need  something that does all the rudimentary steps for you in one go, so you can focus on the more important ones. For starters, Angular is a popular JavaScript-based, open-source, front-end web framework that enables developers […]