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Associate Architect with 10 Years of Experience in Dot Net and various SPA framework.

Year In Review- Top 15 Announcements by AWS on Microservices.

So, this year was a handful!  I wanted my Year-in-Review blog to be a little different from the 2020-was-apocalyptic types that is when I decided to write about some wonderful updates related to Microservices that Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced this year. The AWS Cloud platform expands on a day-to-day basis. Here are the top […]

Adopting Vue.js for Angular Geeks

In last decade, Javascript framework and libraries have taken this world by strome. And they have come across a long way. AngularJS, (Knockout + Durandal + RequireJS), Angular, React, Vue etc are some of the framework which were either widely used or are currently widely used.There are many supporting libraries like loadash, _, etc supports […]