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Sambid is an AI enthusiast and is currently working with Nitor Infotech as a Senior Software engineer in the AI/ML team. He has extensive experience in working with Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and NLP projects. In his free time, he loves to connect and is always curious to understand the bridge between the real world and world of data science.

Using deep learning for invoice data extraction

Extracting information from images/pdfs is an age-old problem of the AI world. Although the latest achievements in the field of deep learning have seen tremendous success, data extraction from these invoices in the form of images or pdfs remains a challenge. Historically, we have relied on paper invoices to process payments or support accounts. However, […]

Improve OCR accuracy using advanced preprocessing techniques

In today’s day and age, an increase in demand for digitization has fueled a massive growth in technology and communication and the use of printed materials such as books and papers has significantly reduced. As humans we can understand the contents of these printed materials simply by looking at them. We perceive the text on […]