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Sanjeev as a CEO at Nitor has more than 23 years of deep domain expertise in enterprise software. His domain knowledge coupled with management expertise and a deep understanding of market dynamics enables Nitor to grow organically and expand in overseas markets.

The Magic of Core Competence, Through Nitor’s Lens

So, the lockdown has not been kind on us, and we all have faced challenges while staying at home and working remotely. While some have become swashbuckling stars with brooms, others have turned to making utensils squeaky clean- innovation can be found in the unlikeliest of places. I never thought, I would be talking about […]

Delivery Excellence, Through Nitor’s Lens

A close friend once asked me, how does Nitor Infotech as an organization manage to delight all its customers every time – what is your secret? Well there is no magic sauce, the reason may have sounded as dull as a dishwasher to him, but that is what it is. So, I thought of writing […]

Research as a Service in the 21st Century: A Brief Introduction

Research as a Service (RaaS) is an important concept gaining traction in today’s age of increasing flexibility and scalability in software development. RaaS is a sub-branch of the industry trend of Everything as a Service, or being able to use reusable software components across a network(s). Nitor launched the radical concept of Research as a […]

Research as a Service (RaaS) – Applications and Use Cases for Startups and Midsized ISVs (SMBs)

I had initially thought of writing this article in series, after my earlier one on fundamentals of RaaS and how Nitor Infotech pioneered this concept. But I held on to gather initial reactions and inputs from our customers. I believe that this was the right thing to do because I did get good inputs to […]

Are you ready for HIMSS19? We Are!

We’ve been SUPER focused prepping for what will be our fourth year in a row exhibiting at the HIMSS Global…