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Shravani, a Trainee- Marcom Executive at Nitor Infotech is a creative and technical content writer, an avid reader, and a stock market enthusiast. She is ambitious about learning something new every day, spending most of her time going down various rabbit holes. She enjoys the company of four-legged beings over two-legged ones and one day wishes to start her own animal rescue centre.

5 Reasons Every CIO Should Embark Upon a Product Modernization Journey

Keeping up with ever-evolving technologies demands constant innovation. Read to see 5 reasons every CIO must opt for product modernization to facilitate a holistic transformation of their businesses.

Our Three Ingredient Recipe to Equip Your Business with Hyper Automation

Adding an extra layer of intelligence to your business processes What are the challenges with manual processing? In 2021, most of us are familiar with the common drawbacks of manual processing- increased errors, greater time consumption, plentiful bottlenecks, to name a few. Not too long ago, some guy in a lab put on his thinking […]

Monolithic v/s Microservices Architecture- Pick What’s Right for Your Business

In the recent past, we witnessed a rapid shift in the way IT companies approached application and software development owing to the increasing customer demands and complexities of applications. We’ve seen global leaders like Netflix, Amazon, Google, etc. switching from a monolithic architecture to a microservices driven approach and with such giants paving the way, […]