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Tushar has 6.5 years of extensive experience in MSBI technology stack which includes SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS. and few other BI tools like Talend, Power BI, ADF as well as few other BI tools. He has an expertise in several domains, especially retail and aviation domains. He sincerely believes in torturing the data as much as possible, so that it will confess to anything. In his free time, barring data torture, Tushar enjoys watching numerous web series.

Implementing CI/CD for Azure Data Factory

Continuous Integration (CI) is a practice which allows developers to seamlessly merge code in a common repository whereas Continuous Delivery (CD) is a practice that adds a layer to CI by providing multi-stage infrastructure provisioning and deployment which helps in automating the entire software release process. For Azure data pipelines, CI/CD means nothing but moving […]