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The current scenario

Mobile existence is indispensable to remain in any game in the long run – a fact, organizations have now learnt, and most associations have built a mobile presence somehow. Whether that presence is a mobile enabled website or a mobile application appears to rely upon differing variables, like the spend strategy, range of abilities, prioritization, and understanding client needs.

A portion of the key activities driving the mobile economy have been broadening or replacing client benefit by means of self-service, expanding field labourer efficiency, going paperless, faster issue resolution at a lower cost, and better client commitment and trust. Many organizations first attempting at mobile presence have missed the mark regarding both business and client expectations, and have been unsuccessful to provide the strategic business value or help attain digital business goals.

A number of organizations lack developer bandwidth, as they are clearly required for fixes, enhancements and to keep up with latest upgrades. Additionally, organizations find it difficult to build a feature rich app experience with the tools, teams and infrastructure on-hand.

Each of these organizations actively sought a better way to achieve their digital business strategy via their mobile apps. They evaluated several approaches and chose Kinvey’s Backend as a Service.

Kinvey – The Future is Bright

Kinvey is a pioneer in mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS), inventing the category more than six years ago. It uses unified Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs) to connect mobile, web, and IoT apps to backend resources in the Cloud. Kinvey mBaaS can also be used to federate enterprise and Cloud services and provides common app features such as data mashups, push notifications, business logic, identity management, social networking, integration and location services.
Its sole aim is to reduce Time to Market of new mobile application development by around 50%. Kinvey enables developers by completely decoupling and extracting the server-side infrastructure. Frontend developers have a unique protocol, data format, and query language to access any organization or cloud system.

Benefits for you

Following are some of the benefits Kinvey can offer:

1. Server-less Architecture
Enables deployment on the server-less platform – a developer favourite. It also has Cloud portability – an architect’s first choice.

2. Run in the Cloud
Allows to build and run applications without having to manage the infrastructure on Cloud

3. Secure, Data-Rich Apps
Enables secured, data-rich apps through no-code and low-code enterprise system integration

4. NoSQL Storage
Kinvey uses NoSQL (MongoDB) and allows users to store all types of data like collections (Tables) or Blobs (Files)

Benefits for your developers

• Deliver features and capabilities needed to achieve your business goals faster
• Provide whatever you can imagine without technology or resource constraints
• Ensure that you meet your time to market goals
• Reduce time from ideation to delivery and more enhancements per release
• Create flexibility by allowing the use of any development resource
• Guarantee zero delay in getting your project started and access data from any application or data source from within mobile apps

When software development teams leverage the abilities of the Kinvey platform, the fundamental roadblocks to development agility are cleared and you can gain through agile development processes, including the power of responding to user feedback rapidly and efficiently. With the use of Kinvey, organizations can significantly cut their development release cycles.

Business Value

The business value of Kinvey can be distilled down to some of these factors:

Kinvey provides a fully managed service with pre-built frontend and backend mobile application development accelerators and built-in operational intelligence for rapid troubleshooting of user issues. There is no need for customers to develop their own mobile app delivery foundation, since Kinvey provides all of the services that enable customers to focus on what is important- viz. value added features and rapid response to user issues.

By abstracting future backend system changes through the Kinvey platform, development teams will no longer need to know the nuances of enterprise systems data access paradigms, allowing them to focus 100% on frontend work. Backend engineers will provide controlled access to enterprise systems via a reusable service catalog that developers need to set up just once.

And finally, how is Nitor leveraging the Kinvey platform?

With over 30,000 applications and 85,000 developers in their community, Kinvey is the leading mobile application Backend as a Service (mBaaS) for the digital enterprise.

We at Nitor started with Kinvey by primarily migrating backend for some of our mobile applications. We were amazed at the ease with which we were able to implement it. Nitor’s experienced team by leveraging Kinvey platform helps enterprises create feature rich application with almost 40% to 50% less Time to Market.