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Why it’s time to prioritize a futuristic, patient-centered Healthcare ecosystem

Co-Authors Dr. Ravi Agrawal Senior Lead Business Analyst Dr. Girish Shinde Healthcare Specialist As a healthcare organization, patients always need to be your top priority, so you find ways to use technology to avoid unpleasant things like patient leakages, no-shows and improve patient retention to the best of your ability. Patient Experience, I‘d say is […]

How to Integrate Firebase with Power BI using Big Query

What is Firebase? Firebase, a backend platform used to build Web, Android, and IOS applications, offers real time database, and various APIs, in addition to multiple authentication types and hosting platforms. In this blog, I have tried to give you a basic idea about the Firebase platform and how you can deal with its various […]

How to utilize the power of Big Data in Manufacturing

Transforming manufacturing with Big Data and Data Engineering As part of the manufacturing industry, everyone you seek a solution from always has two questions: What is it that you are battling? (Well, simply put it could be that your operational efficiency has taken a hit, or your products seem to be getting returned often, or […]

Research as a Service in the 21st Century: A Brief Introduction

Research as a Service (RaaS) is an important concept gaining traction in today’s age of increasing flexibility and scalability in software development. RaaS is a sub-branch of the industry trend of Everything as a Service, or being able to use reusable software components across a network(s). Nitor launched the radical concept of Research as a […]

Research as a Service (RaaS) – Applications and Use Cases for Startups and Midsized ISVs (SMBs)

I had initially thought of writing this article in series, after my earlier one on fundamentals of RaaS and how Nitor Infotech pioneered this concept. But I held on to gather initial reactions and inputs from our customers. I believe that this was the right thing to do because I did get good inputs to […]