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The Airflow Approach for MLOps Pipelines

What is MLOps and how is it different than conventional DevOps? That is the first question that arises in everyone’s mind. According to TechJury, we have generated 10 times more data in 2020 in comparison with 2019. That is great news from the data scientist perspective. But questions arise as to how to utilize the data […]

Leveraging AI/ML for Pro-active Patient Participation

In 1955, the computer scientist John McCarthy created the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’. From 1955 to 2005, most scientists primarily used it for research purposes. Moreover, they checked whether AI could be implemented across different industries. In 2011, Apple introduced ‘Siri’ into the market and in no time, the whole world started thinking about different ways […]

An Automated Machine Learning approach with

In today’s day and age, we’re seeing exponential growth in the field of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, and with it, significant advances in the tools used to build these models. In this blog I would like to introduce you to one such tool that makes the job of building robust AI-ML models extremely easy- […]

Using deep learning for invoice data extraction

Extracting information from images/pdfs is an age-old problem of the AI world. Although the latest achievements in the field of deep learning have seen tremendous success, data extraction from these invoices in the form of images or pdfs remains a challenge. Historically, we have relied on paper invoices to process payments or support accounts. However, […]

Improve OCR accuracy using advanced preprocessing techniques

In today’s day and age, an increase in demand for digitization has fueled a massive growth in technology and communication and the use of printed materials such as books and papers has significantly reduced. As humans we can understand the contents of these printed materials simply by looking at them. We perceive the text on […]

Visual Search: Empowering digital growth & opportunities in retail

According to human psychology, people are extremely visual beings. They have the ability to grasp more than 80% of the information visually. This prompts me to point out the importance of visual search. As you know, visual search has been around for several years and is built into several popular search engines and social media […]

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About AI Engineering

As we all know, the business world is changing at a rate faster than you can imagine. To cope up with it, we need to adopt dynamic technologies and engineering practices so our businesses keep running seamlessly. Out of the numerous emerging technologies, one of the most important and significant one is Artificial Intelligence Engineering […]

Why it is time to think deep about Deep Retail

Introduction So yes, we all agree that the pandemic threw spanner in the works. And this year has seen the largest number of retail store closures. Being a brick-and-mortar company just does not seem to cut it anymore, you also need to have technology in the mix. As technologies change by the passing hour, they […]

Visual Search- Understand your Customers real-time with AI

Introduction: What is Visual Search? They say we are visual creatures and that- visual things stay put while sound fades away. That is something we experience on a day-to-day basis. Visual search is just the use of real images (be it a picture you click off your smartphone, or something you come across when rummaging […]

Demystifying usage of AI and ML with Azure Server-less

As I made my way into the city of Mumbai, I started realizing that it is actually happening, the big day you have been waiting for so anxiously is finally here. It was an honour to deliver a session at 2019 Azure AI tour in Mumbai. I was invited as a speaker and held a […]