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The Role of Culture in Innovation in the VUCA World

The COVID-19 pandemic has fuelled a state of rapid change in the market owing to constantly shifting supply and demand cycles. Which inevitably brings me to a significant question in these tumultuous times – What is VUCA? If you are not aware of this new, trending abbreviation, it stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. […]

Technology trends that will dominate in 2022

Typically, owing to the ever-evolving market scenarios, technology trends tend to change on a dime. All of us witnessed this rapid transformation of the tech scene during the pandemic when focus shifted from in-person to remote working, skyrocketing the importance of the technologies that supported it. In this blog, I want to shed some light […]

Four Pillars of Quality Engineering to Support Flawless Customer Experience

Allow me to remind you of that surge of impatience you must have felt as a customer the last time you interacted with a digital product and a swipe, or a click didn’t work the way you wanted it to. Perhaps the thought of switching to a competing brand crossed your mind? To steer clear […]

4 Ways in which Solution Engineering can Empower your Enterprise

Augment the Troubleshooting Power of your Enterprise with Solution Engineering If we were to imagine the top ten dreams of any enterprise, I’m sure you’ll agree that enhanced ROI, increased scalability, and optimum time-to-market would definitely feature among those. In this industry scenario that keeps transforming faster than you can say ‘IT’, enterprises are continually […]

5 Technology Engineering Solutions You Need to Future-Proof Your IT Infrastructure

In an ever-changing world, intuitive technology engineering has a tremendous role to play in upscaling your organization’s IT infrastructure. Fully leveraging the features of cutting-edge digital technology is crucial for businesses to succeed and move through the pandemic. Considering future-proofing as a blueprint for your IT strategy can help you cut down on expenses, time […]

Nitor’s Roadmap for Implementing a Technology CoE

In my previous blog, I spoke about how business transformation can be brought about by owning and implementing a Center of Excellence (CoE). A Technology CoE allows businesses to stand out against competitors by building capabilities in rare, cutting-edge technologies and strategizing accordingly for company and customer growth. Technology CoEs, as you must be aware […]

4 Ways to Enhance Your Customers’ Digital Experience

As we navigate through a world in which the online persona of your business matters as much as (or perhaps a little more than) its offline one, strategizing your customers’ digital experience becomes vital to accelerate your organization’s digital transformation. So, what then is the range of this digital experience? Picture your customers browsing through […]

Managing Business Transformation in the VUCA World

The last year or so, amidst the gloom of the pandemic, has shown how businesses are in need to adapt to the frivolous changes it demands. The cycle of market demand and supply has been greatly affected, but moreover, a state of flux has been created by this pandemic which is eagerly pushing the business […]

5 Steps to building a Technology Centre of Excellence

Every business in my experience has three primary goals- Run the business, grow the business, and transform the business. Now, I’m sure there is plenty of literature available online and offline that will teach you how to go about the first two. The crux, however, lies in the third one. Transforming a business is how […]

Five ways to modernize your product

The much-needed approach to Product Modernization The first question most people may ask when the read the blog title is the “what” part of Product Modernization. Product modernization means an overhaul, or the transformation of the architecture of your product or platform. The second question you may be hinting at is – where should I […]