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4 Pillars of Cloud Computing

Moving to the cloud has become a vital process for businesses today. Cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud migration, etc. makes it seem like everything is surrounded by “the cloud”. But what exactly is the cloud? With this blog, let’s understand the concept of cloud, cloud computing, and its four important pillars in depth. Defining the […]

The Three Tech Enablers of Cloud Continuum

While many deep tech-powerhouses have been able to create a portmanteau of physical and digital experiences not all businesses have the right technology enablers to do the same. It is essential for a business to have such tech enablers in place for a smooth leap over the hurdles in a digitally transforming and expanding era. […]

Real Time Analytics Using Spark With Cosmos DB Connector

How can you integrate Spark & Cosmos DB? This blog helps you understand how Spark and Cosmos DB can be integrated allowing Spark to fully take advantage of Cosmos DB to run real-time analytics directly on petabytes of operational data! High-Level Architecture With the Spark Connector for Azure Cosmos DB, data is run in parallel […]

Year In Review- Top 15 Announcements by AWS on Microservices.

So, this year was a handful!  I wanted my Year-in-Review blog to be a little different from the 2020-was-apocalyptic types that is when I decided to write about some wonderful updates related to Microservices that Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced this year. The AWS Cloud platform expands on a day-to-day basis. Here are the top […]

Introduction to Serverless (Part 2): Exploring the History and Idea behind Serverless Technology

Introduction In our introductory post, we learned about Serverless as an opportunity, the way software and hardware architectures and constructs have evolved, the need for better governance, and some high-level stakeholder expectations. In this post, we are taking this to the next level, where we briefly talk about serverless surface area, details on the architectural […]

Introduction to Serverless: Simplifying Modern Application Development

Serverless: Technology Simplified, Value Amplified This is a blog series that focuses on the revolution in the building and running of modern applications. By the end of this series, you will be fully equipped with the knowledge of serverless technology, as well as the present-day individual products that make it to the serverless technologies list. […]

Why should you move to Cloud for Data Warehousing?

So far technology has been taking us for a spin, we have been drowning under that mass called data, if that is not enough Big Data keeps pulling us 5 ways (volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value). Not painting a great picture am I, but then a host of Data engineers, Data Scientists, and infrastructure […]