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DevSecOps- A Tactical Trifecta in the Realm of Cloud

In the history of comics, the Dark Knight has been a formidable hero, waging a tireless battle against all sorts of crimes. However, even someone as dedicated and enduring like Batman cannot do everything alone. That’s where Robin shines through. He provides the much-needed ray of hope to Batman’s darkness. Now, what Robin is to […]

DevOps Explained, A comprehensive introduction to DevOps

Earlier, agile software development methodology was the main philosophy when it came to developing and delivering products. However, there seemed to be a gap when it came to delivering working software to the market at the speed promised by the agile methodology. DevOps, which has become somewhat of a buzzword in the realm of software, […]

Implementing CI/CD for Azure Data Factory

Continuous Integration (CI) is a practice which allows developers to seamlessly merge code in a common repository whereas Continuous Delivery (CD) is a practice that adds a layer to CI by providing multi-stage infrastructure provisioning and deployment which helps in automating the entire software release process. For Azure data pipelines, CI/CD means nothing but moving […]

Deploying Databases Using Azure DevOps Pipelines

The primary objective of this blog is to help you to create Azure Build/Release Pipelines to automate your SQL Deployments. Additionally, we will also cover prerequisites which are needed for creating Database Projects/Pipelines With the help of this, you can implement & maintain automated processes for SQL deployments. Following is the prerequisite for creating an […]