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Why it’s time to prioritize a futuristic, patient-centered Healthcare ecosystem

Co-Authors Dr. Ravi Agrawal Senior Lead Business Analyst Dr. Girish Shinde Healthcare Specialist As a healthcare organization, patients always need to be your top priority, so you find ways to use technology to avoid unpleasant things like patient leakages, no-shows and improve patient retention to the best of your ability. Patient Experience, I‘d say is […]

Healthcare Analytics Simplified: It is no more Build vs Buy, but Build and Buy

Co-Authors Dr. Ravi Agrawal Senior Lead Business Analyst Dr. Girish Shinde Healthcare Specialist An analytics solution for the healthcare industry today is expected to incorporate extensive industry knowledge with deep tech-domain expertise to provide actual business value. Dr. Ravi has specialized in medicine and has leveraged his core clinical values in Healthcare IT for the […]

Leveraging AI/ML for Pro-active Patient Participation

In 1955, the computer scientist John McCarthy created the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’. From 1955 to 2005, most scientists primarily used it for research purposes. Moreover, they checked whether AI could be implemented across different industries. In 2011, Apple introduced ‘Siri’ into the market and in no time, the whole world started thinking about different ways […]

Why Patient Experience Matters in Healthcare

How can you improve patient satisfaction and retention? There, I have asked the question that had been weighing down on me since we were slapped on the face with the pandemic (sorry social distancing, let’s put it as masked face). Everyone has been going on about how hospitals need to be better equipped and how […]

Why is there a need to drive Digital Transformation into Palliative Care?

Improving patient quality of life through Data integration in palliative care Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being. WHO constitution There has always […]

How going remote can actually make Health more accessible

Introduction Telemedicine, has become a new normal since COVID confined us to our home. It is an evolving strategy that is changing the way the world operates today. It is patient centric and concentrates on health rather than illness. It is a tool for patients to communicate with their physicians, care givers; manage their health, […]

How to get your clients to say Yes to go beyond Population Health Management 2.0

Lower spending, Better care, Richer rewards The physical weight of data is about 1 attogram, that is as miniscule as it can get, but the weight that it carries to enhance patient experience is far bigger. As far as the healthcare industry is concerned, a lot of effort was put into digitization- the whole charade […]

Fighting a Pandemic: Using FHIR to enable Better Patient Outcomes

With almost the entire world under a lockdown and nearly everything coming to a standstill, one industry that is expected to work harder is the healthcare and hospital setting. With the increased use of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring in these tough times, it is necessary that patient data is accurately captured and shared with […]

International Nurses Day: Thanking those who care most

Every year, the 12th of May, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, is celebrated as International Nurses Day. Did you pause to think about the role and the positive contribution nurses make to our society by helping all those around them? Yesterday we observed a day for those heroes who relentlessly work for humanity. I was […]

Are you planning to migrate from your Healthcare legacy systems to a modern system? – Here are the things to keep in mind

Healthcare Technology is ever changing…