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Creating Nitopia

Do you remember Judy Hopps? Yes, the bunny cop in Zootopia, a strong-willed, self-motivated, and endlessly optimistic rabbit. Judy believes the world is a great place and she can help to make it even better. Even in the most difficult times faced by Zootopia and its future, Judy never loses focus, and through strong self-belief and positivity, works towards […]

How to achieve continued customer satisfaction with a product engineering mindset

We, at Nitor Infotech, recently did a poll on LinkedIn and we asked for the most crucial factor to achieve continued customer satisfaction. 75 % people felt that delivery excellence, product engineering mindset, and customer empathy are all equally important for achieving customer satisfaction. All of the above (AOTA) is the correct answer, if you […]

When Calls the Heart

Does this title ring a bell? Yes, I am referring to the popular Netflix web-series,” When calls the heart”. Elizabeth Thatcher, daughter of a rich business tycoon leaves her cosy life in the city full of comfort to follow her heart’s calling, and moves miles away to a tiny town ‘Coal Valley’ as a school […]

Respect and Care-Embark Upon A Journey to Holistic Wellness

I have been reflecting on the bygone year, as we are well into the new year 2021. Last year this time, in the first few months of 2020, none of us in our wildest of dreams imagined what is in store for us. A small virus appears out of nowhere and gains so much strength that […]

Enhancing Top-line by Reinventing B2B Sales

Online shopping is a part of our daily lives, thanks to the advances in technology that have commanded considerable attention over the past decade. This has not only triggered consumer sales revolutions but also customer experiences. Individual buyers can now search and find anything they want, from anywhere, and at any given time, for the […]

Inculcating Values, Creating the Foundation of Our Being

VALUES- THE FOUNDATION As a kid, I distinctly remember being reprimanded for tiny mistakes like scooping into the Bournvita jar when mom was asleep (back then I thought it was quite tiny). Elders, I believed, simply over-reacted, while another instance of getting rewarded for running behind a pedestrian and returning his ten-rupee note that he unknowingly […]


Previously, we discussed the top 5 best practices in Technical Writing. In this blog, we will be taking a step ahead to discuss API documentation and its 6 best practices. First, let me give you a brief introduction about APIs and why it is important to document them. Applications are responsible for taking information from […]


Technical Writing is basically writing a clearer technical document. It is simply taking high-level information and processing it into digestible content for a specific audience. If you ask me, technical writing has a very different purpose and characteristic as compared to other writing styles let’s say creative writing or academic writing. When I say different, […]

The Magic of Core Competence, Through Nitor’s Lens

So, the lockdown has not been kind on us, and we all have faced challenges while staying at home and working remotely. While some have become swashbuckling stars with brooms, others have turned to making utensils squeaky clean- innovation can be found in the unlikeliest of places. I never thought, I would be talking about […]

Delivery Excellence, Through Nitor’s Lens

A close friend once asked me, how does Nitor Infotech as an organization manage to delight all its customers every time – what is your secret? Well there is no magic sauce, the reason may have sounded as dull as a dishwasher to him, but that is what it is. So, I thought of writing […]