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A One Stop Solution to Deploying Office Add-Ins

What’s a set of common office tools that almost all of us have used at one point or another? Before you go scratching your head in search for answers, allow me to tell you. It’s the ever-so-helpful Microsoft Office Suite. Now, we’re are all aware of the macros that are available in tools like Microsoft […]

Why Software Product Engineering is your Ticket to Scale

It is imperative for businesses today to know that in the era of innovation and technology, traditional business policies will not avail a success-oriented result. You have to be well versed with the latest trends and embrace advanced technologies to scale new heights. As an organization you may be in one of the following circumstances: […]

Getting started with Microservices

Picture this- your enterprise is building a brand new web or mobile application. What is one of the first things on your checklist that you need to get done with? It is naturally architecting its back-end. The conventional approach of building the backend of an application was a monolithic one. Historically, (mind you, in terms […]

7 steps to turn your Tech Thoughts into a Minimum Viable Product

So, it is 3 am, and you are still counting sheep and trying hard to fall asleep, and an idea flashes by, one you think will change the way people see, experience, and understand technology. What do you do? Simple, write it and in the following days design it, develop it, test it, and deploy […]

Monolithic v/s Microservices Architecture- Pick What’s Right for Your Business

In the recent past, we witnessed a rapid shift in the way IT companies approached application and software development owing to the increasing customer demands and complexities of applications. We’ve seen global leaders like Netflix, Amazon, Google, etc. switching from a monolithic architecture to a microservices driven approach and with such giants paving the way, […]

What is Zmap Plus file format?

How to interpret Zmap Grid format? Trying to grasp Zmap Plus file format is not an easy task. It involves a comprehensive procedure pertaining to breakdown of codes into grid file format. The way I see it, commonly used in applications in the Oil and Gas Exploration fields in RW format,   Zmap Plus is an […]

SurveyJS: A Modern Approach towards Surveys

Not Your Conventional Form Filling Tool Surveys have always been one of the most feasible methods to acquire information in bulk and retain data on a larger scale. Traditional ways of gathering data relied on manually conducting surveys and collecting different categories of information at once. This information was then screened and analyzed for deducing […]

Everyone is speaking GraphQL, What is GraphQL?

That nagging question, that doesn’t allow you to rest till you put pen to paper – or in this case – keys to MS Word. I have been asked this very question multiple number of times, and I thought it was best to put it out there for all to know. Let me start by […]

Adopting Vue.js for Angular Geeks

In last decade, Javascript framework and libraries have taken this world by strome. And they have come across a long way. AngularJS, (Knockout + Durandal + RequireJS), Angular, React, Vue etc are some of the framework which were either widely used or are currently widely used.There are many supporting libraries like loadash, _, etc supports […]