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Cypress Hybrid (UI + API) Testing Automation

Let me start out by saying thank you to the contributors of this blog Omkar Kulkarni and Mohit Agarwal. I owe it to them for sharing their in depth knowledge about Cypress and also for their flawless implementation of Cypress UI & API test cases. I know we all have heard of Cypress UI test […]

Automating SQL Injections Using OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) Tool

Every business is going digital. Nowadays, online shopping, banking, communication, etc. using web applications are a ubiquitous, and essential part of online life. However, day by day, threats are arising for web applications. To overcome such threats, we must test the application from the security point of view. According to OWASP Top 10 for web […]

How to Empower ‘Continuous Testing’ with Puppeteer

When it comes to automation, Selenium is the only tool in the open source space, which relies on executing JavaScript inside the browser. It has largely helped companies achieve good coverage of automation. However, in a large number of cases, there are concerns due to its flakiness, synchronization, and speed. This is now changing with […]