The Magic of Core Competence, Through Nitor’s Lens

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So, the lockdown has not been kind on us, and we all have faced challenges while staying at home and working remotely. While some have become swashbuckling stars with brooms, others have turned to making utensils squeaky clean- innovation can be found in the unlikeliest of places. I never thought, I would be talking about anything else but business, but in today’s world staying ahead of the curve has become ridiculously critical, and to be great at work is to learn the art of magic.

At Nitor Infotech, we believe that the magic lies in the race towards success with sustainable development. That is why even when the global economy was undergoing a huge transformation, we managed to secure 13 new signings. It would not be wrong to say that our zeal to strive for the better has pushed us to achieve greatness even further. Carrying forward this torch of accomplishment, we had gone toe-to-toe with some of the big players of the industry that were 50 to 200 times larger in size than us (in terms of revenue) and had 10 to 50 times more employee strength.

So, the last time I credited our achievement to one of our core values customer delight. This time, it is yet another core value, that of excellence. Yes, I believe that the reasons for us being comfortable taking on big players is our technology depth and our modern engineering capability. And when clients go ahead and sign with us, despite having been in great relations with even bigger companies, that is a win, don’t you think?

Many of those who signed with us wanted a dialogue with a niche tech company, not your average Joe, so that meant – ‘not us’ definitely. It was truly our prowess that turned the tables in our favor.

Some of our new signings brought us in as an additional vendor, whereas a few of others made a willful substitution and chose us to serve them instead of their previous service provider. So as I call it, it wasn’t the battle of size, it was a battle of Technology,  the depth of technology, it was showing them that we had a unique value proposition mighty enough to compete with anyone, the right kind of people, and the intellectual horsepower to successfully deliver.

The success we saw there is dedicated to our unhinged core competencies, the very same ones that we garnered and nurtured over the span of thirteen years. We kept enhancing Nitor’s central competency of structuring complex products and enterprise solutions which helped us make strategic investments ahead of time. For instance, we invested in server-less computing and microservices in 2017. A lot of top consultants would cringe when you said those words that time around, but now they choose us because of our maturity. I vividly remember getting into a call with an expert representing an industry-leading advisory firm back in 2016-17 and asking if we should invest in Serverless and I got an immediate ‘No’ for an answer. I persisted to figure out that good things come by for those who are ready to wait.

We are proud of the fact that our nimble footing in the industry has not affected our growth prospectus. Instead, it has made us more approachable and distinct from other service providers. As a fairly large organization we have taken slow but sure steps to stay uptight with rival industry giants.

Talking of giants, Blockchain is a monstrosity in its own right, and there are only few who will wrestle that monster. We are one of those few I guess; we had the opportunity to build and facilitate a platform pertaining to the domain for our clients. It wasn’t one of those game changing platforms, not a while ago, just like the time when big data was all a Proof of Concept and nothing more. But doesn’t seem to be the case now, does it?

This is the ‘magic’ that I was talking about – investing ahead of times, showing persistence, applying industry thought leadership, and leveraging business acumen. All these factors need to be incorporated in the business while sticking to core competencies, just like how other ferromagnetic materials stick to each other. That is the secret for having a sustainable growth record.

We are on the trajectory of leveling up, not trying to jinx it but maybe even surpassing the set yearly targets. It truly is a magical progression!

I would like to end saying, what I always like to say, let us keep our energy up, heads higher up, back as straight as it can get, and work away.

Stay fit, eat healthy, and be safe! See you all soon.

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Sanjeev as a CEO at Nitor has more than 23 years of deep domain expertise in enterprise software. His domain knowledge coupled with management expertise and a deep understanding of market dynamics enables Nitor to grow organically and expand in overseas markets.