Power BI – Data insights for smarter decision making on the go!

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Today’s organizations are mostly find it difficult to harness insights from their data. Gaps exist between inferring a trend or identifying a correlation and using those data-driven insights to provide business value. Access to quick information to make balanced decisions is one of the most important differentiators across any industry. However, we must understand that real power does not lie in the data and information itself, the key lies in changing those Petabytes of data into some valuable products and services. One such tool, Power BI can make a difference.

Power BI is not a new name in the BI market. Components of Power BI have been in the market through different time-periods. The Microsoft team has worked a long time to build a big umbrella called Power BI. With Power BI, you can connect many data sources, e.g. wide range of data sources can be supported, and more data sources can be added to the list every month.
So what exactly is Power BI?

Power BI is a cloud based analytics tool used for reporting and data analysis encompassing a wide range of data sources. It is easy to use and user friendly for business analysts and power users can work with it and get perks out of it. Additionally, Power BI is robust and mature enough to be used in enterprise systems by BI developers for complex data mash-up and modelling scenarios.

Benefits of Power BI

  • Quick to Deliver

Achieve in a few days / weeks what could take months to deliver using traditional BI tools

  • Easy to Connect with Databases

Use out of the box connectors to fetch data from varied data sources (Structured, unstructured and columnar)

  • Faster Decision making

Address business problems / questions at your fingertips in minutes

  • Ease of Development & Usage

Develop reports by defining relationships on the fly without the technical team’s support

  • Value for Money

Experience the most rapidly deployable, customizable, and comprehensive tool.

 Do we really need BI?

In some cases you might think- “Is there a requirement for BI tools in my organization?” or “How can BI Tools help us make choices valuable to the organization?”

When it comes to productive business intelligence training in any company, one can develop the decision-making processes and can even improve processes such as tactical strategic management.

Obtaining key insight into customer’s behaviour

One of the main rewards of having a BI platform in the company is having the power to look into what exactly the market is purchasing, what is in-demand or what is not. With Power BI, we can then transform such information into profitable insights and get a hold on to valuable clients.

 Acquiring important business reports

With the aid of business intelligence software, any associate of the company can access important data for utilization from anywhere across the world.

Removing guess works

Gone are the days when business is thought to be another form of betting, when there were no different choices other than making “the ideal guess”. With the assistance of the Power BI tool, one can have precise information, real time updates, and means for determining and even to foresee conditions.

A Smarter Solution

Power BI is a cloud-based tool that requires no capital expenditure or infrastructure support upfront. The modern repetition of the tool is free from legacy software constraints and its users do not need any particular training in order to produce business intelligence insights. Typical of all Microsoft cloud services, implementation of Power BI embedded is rapid and trouble-free.


Since the key to great decision making is the ability to blend the overwhelming volume of incoming information, Power BI is the ultimate panacea for it. It has transformed the method in which businesses leverage data to solve their problems, share insights, and make knowledgeable judgements. Power BI integrates seamlessly with the existing applications and extracts intelligence rapidly and accurately.

Are you contemplating implementation of Business Intelligence or looking to extend Power BI functionality across all business units in a self-service manner? If you are then, Nitor, a Microsoft partner can help you set up your Power BI account optimally enable you to integrate and work seamlessly with Power BI.

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