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4 Pillars of Cloud Computing

Moving to the cloud has become a vital process for businesses today. Cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud migration, etc. makes it seem like everything is surrounded by “the cloud”. But what exactly is the cloud? With this blog, let’s understand the concept of cloud, cloud computing, and its four important pillars in depth. Defining the […]

DevSecOps- A Tactical Trifecta in the Realm of Cloud

In the history of comics, the Dark Knight has been a formidable hero, waging a tireless battle against all sorts of crimes. However, even someone as dedicated and enduring like Batman cannot do everything alone. That’s where Robin shines through. He provides the much-needed ray of hope to Batman’s darkness. Now, what Robin is to […]

Monolithic v/s Microservices Architecture- Pick What’s Right for Your Business

In the recent past, we witnessed a rapid shift in the way IT companies approached application and software development owing to the increasing customer demands and complexities of applications. We’ve seen global leaders like Netflix, Amazon, Google, etc. switching from a monolithic architecture to a microservices driven approach and with such giants paving the way, […]

Real Time Analytics Using Spark With Cosmos DB Connector

How can you integrate Spark & Cosmos DB? This blog helps you understand how Spark and Cosmos DB can be integrated allowing Spark to fully take advantage of Cosmos DB to run real-time analytics directly on petabytes of operational data! High-Level Architecture With the Spark Connector for Azure Cosmos DB, data is run in parallel […]