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Data Architecture: Components, Tools, and Processes

What is data architecture? Data is everywhere in an organization, from large systems to departmental databases and spreadsheets. No one can control all of it since it spans across a wide range. If the data is not clean, current, and consistent, an organization may get into trouble. This makes data architecture important. But what really […]

Real time data ingestion using Snowpipe

Today’s world is full of data, more appropriately ‘Big Data, with is varied dimensions of Volume, Velocity, and Variety. Of course, there are other dimensions to it as well, such as Value and Veracity, but for the sake of this blog, we can put them aside. There are numerous tools and applications that are hosted […]


In this blog, we will focus on understanding the process of using AWS Redshift PartiQL and how it can be used to analyze data in its native format. But before we move on to that, let us first define the problem statement. Data is typically spread across a combination of relational databases, non-relational data stores, […]

Why should you move to Cloud for Data Warehousing?

So far technology has been taking us for a spin, we have been drowning under that mass called data, if that is not enough Big Data keeps pulling us 5 ways (volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value). Not painting a great picture am I, but then a host of Data engineers, Data Scientists, and infrastructure […]