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The Airflow Approach for MLOps Pipelines

What is MLOps and how is it different than conventional DevOps? That is the first question that arises in everyone’s mind. According to TechJury, we have generated 10 times more data in 2020 in comparison with 2019. That is great news from the data scientist perspective. But questions arise as to how to utilize the data […]

Why it’s time to prioritize a futuristic, patient-centered Healthcare ecosystem

Co-Authors Dr. Ravi Agrawal Senior Lead Business Analyst Dr. Girish Shinde Healthcare Specialist As a healthcare organization, patients always need to be your top priority, so you find ways to use technology to avoid unpleasant things like patient leakages, no-shows and improve patient retention to the best of your ability. Patient Experience, I‘d say is […]

Visual Search: Empowering digital growth & opportunities in retail

According to human psychology, people are extremely visual beings. They have the ability to grasp more than 80% of the information visually. This prompts me to point out the importance of visual search. As you know, visual search has been around for several years and is built into several popular search engines and social media […]