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Configure Azure Key Vault & Storage Account URLs in ADF

Did you know that it is possible to pass an environment-specific Azure Key Vault URL value and Storage Account base URL dynamically using a single global parameter in Azure Data Factory? Allow me to explain. The problem was that in ADF pipelines, a static Key Vault URL and a Storage Account URL were not a […]

Healthcare Analytics Simplified: It is no more Build vs Buy, but Build and Buy

Co-Authors Dr. Ravi Agrawal Senior Lead Business Analyst Dr. Girish Shinde Healthcare Specialist An analytics solution for the healthcare industry today is expected to incorporate extensive industry knowledge with deep tech-domain expertise to provide actual business value. Dr. Ravi has specialized in medicine and has leveraged his core clinical values in Healthcare IT for the […]

Are you planning to migrate from your Healthcare legacy systems to a modern system? – Here are the things to keep in mind

Healthcare Technology is ever changing…